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The use of the microscope in dentistry is still not common and only seen in the most advanced clinics. German Dental Oasis is one of these clinics. It can offer treatments in a different way, which will bring the outcome and the prognosis of them to higher levels.

The use of the operating microscope in the field of dentistry has just started recently in Western Europe and parts of America. The American Dental Association has made it mandatory and compulsory for higher post-graduate training in endo-dontics or the root canal treatment specialty to be trained in the use of the operating microscope.

It is estimated that 75% of the endodontists in the USA now own or use a microscope at least part of the time.

A select few dental colleges have started to introduce microscopes at under-graduate level. But many general dentists and other dental sub-specialists like periodontists, oral surgeons and prosthodontists have also pioneered and mastered the use of the microscope in their practices.

This is a revolution in the dental world – the amount of improvement of care in dentistry done under magnification with the use of the microscope is very high.

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