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Therapy Concept

Therapy Concept

We work with every patient using a complex treatment concept, which includes 5 stages:

  • Comprehensive examination ( Detailed )
  • Prophylaxis
  • Treatment planning
  • Implementation / realization treatment
  • Recall and maintenance

Comprehensive examination

During the patients first consultation the dentist will listen to the concerns, the problems and complaints before he/she is going to examine and the entire oro- facial area.

By using an intraoral camera we are able to discuss with you all clinical problems. If it’s necessary the patient will undergo a digital panoramic x-ray to allow the dentist to assess the roots of all teeth and the adjacent bones area and to foresee different or unclear problems.

In the same session the dentist will start with emergency treatments to release you from pain and discomfort.


The consecutively treatment session will be reserved for a professional scaling and cleaning. This is a very important produce to achieve an inflammatory free area before the dentist start any other treatment, especially for patients with periodontal problems.

The dentist can provide this treatment or the dental hygienist sometimes it is necessary to provide more than one session for moderate and aggressive
Periodontitis and for heavy calculus deposits and staining.

Treatment Planning

Once an accurate diagnosis is done our specialists will offer you a therapy plan that includes detailed information about treatment, time and estimated cost.
The clinical manager will discuss with you the treatment plan and will arrange the appointments.

Realization treatment

During the next appointments the dentist will work in a very organized system to follow your treatment plan. Some treatments like fillings and extensions can be finish in one session, other treatments like implants or root canal treatments need more appointments.

Maintenance and recall

After treatment finalization we are sure that you’ll be very pleased with the achieved result. To maintain your beautiful smile. our team will organize a recall system to call you every 3 or 6 month for checkup and cleaning.

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